About Us



Our mission is to provide the best lightning protection and grounding equipment in the Mid-Atlantic States. We accomplish this with the most accurate engineering designs, use of the highest quality materials and offering superior installation and services.

We strive to offer the ultimate in customer service, making every customer our first priority. We continue to grow our company in a controlled, responsible and profitable manner. We create a stable work environment for our employees We foster creativity and reward innovation and self-motivation.



Founded in 1993, Dillon Lightning Protection is dedicated to providing complete Lightning Protection systems for all types buildings or structures. Lightning Protection Systems provide safety for the building, the buildings contents and occupants by preventing damage caused by lightning.

The lightning protection system shall be installed by a firm actively engaged in the installation of Master Labeled Lightning Protection Systems and shall be so listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. The completed system shall comply with the latest editions of the Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems , UL96A and of the National Fire Protection Association ‘s Lightning Protection Standard , NFPA 780.